Pipeline Aftercoolers (PLAC)

Basco® PLAC for Compressed Air Cooling

Our Basco PLAC (Pipeline Aftercooler) and its companion separator provide an ideal combination to remove troublesome moisture and oil from compressed air streams. Our aftercoolers/separators offer proven performance and trouble-free operation of air powered tools and equipment worldwide.

Performance notes.

  • PLAC tubes are effectively arranged to maximize heat transfer and reduce cooling water usage
  • Removable tube bundle simplifies cleaning of both tube and shell sides, and reduces future maintenance costs
  • Double packed floating tubesheet with “O” ring seal protection permits tube bundles to expand and contract without harmful strain or intermixing of shell and tube side fluids
  • Tell-tale holes allow easy visual detection of leaks
  • Cast iron moisture separator provides maximum efficiency in removing virtually all particulate matter over the entire operating range
  • Separators are designed to bolt directly to the aftercooler without the need for spools, minimizing pressure drop and overall length
  • Standard operating pressures are 75 to 150 PSI to meet most material and code requirements; units for use up to 300 PSI are available for specialized applications


Sizes: 3″ to 16″ diameter; 6′ to 10′ 10-1/4″ length
Shells: Carbon Steel
Tubes: 3/8″ or 5/8″ diameter available
Copper and Admiralty
Straight tube configuration
Baffles: Precision punched Carbon Steel or Brass
Heads: Not applicable.
Flow: Available in 1-pass designs only
Codes: ASME

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